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It can be difficult to find interesting & unusual pairs of gemstones for earrings so, as an earring lover herself, Sally has sourced some beautiful pairs for you, many of which are perfect mirror pairs!

See the bottom of the page for a tip about using gemstones of differing thicknesses or depth.

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Top tip!

As these stones are hand cut they may differ in thickness (depth) - an easy way to make the earrings look the same in your bezel set designs is to

- measure the thickness of each stone

- add the difference between them to the thickness of the backing for the thinner stone

For example,

one stone is 1mm thick & the other is 1.5mm thick

the backing for the 1.5mm stone is made from 0.5mm sheet = 2mm in total

the backing for the 1mm stone is made from 1mm sheet = 2mm in total

this means the earrings will visually appear the same, even though the stones are slightly different.

I hope that is useful, but if you have any queries please do contact me