Live zoom classes

Live zoom classes which provide an introduction to some of the gemmological information in the Jewellers' quick reference guide to working with gemstones, explaining why this information can be so useful for jewellers.  

Why a live zoom class?  I want to be able to share gem info with fellow jewellers, wherever they live... and don't worry, they really are interactive classes!

Gemstone course

2 hour live zoom class - Gemstones for jewellers

This first class gives a brief overview of gemmology as a subject then covers gemstone durability and what this means for jewellers, how to use a loupe and tweezers to look at gemstones, a gemstone's potential vulnerabilities, how gemmologists identify gemstones and why correct gemstone ID is important.

For this class you will need a 10x loupe, a pair of tweezers, 1 or 2 (or more...) gemstones, pen and paper and a cup of tea or coffee!  Whilst a copy of the book is not essential, it may be useful.

Who is this suitable for - jewellers, whether beginners or more experienced, will find this class useful in understanding more about the gemstones they use and why considering gemstone durability in their designs can benefit both them and their customers.

Email Sally to book

Gemstone course

2 hour live zoom class - Gemstone treatments, synthetics and imitations

Following on from the Gemstones for jewellers class, this is an introduction that covers exactly what a synthetic gemstone is, what imitation gemstones are, gemstone treatments, composite gemstones and a buyer beware section!

In this class you can discover more about gemstones so that you can make more informed decisions and purchases - you'll need a copy of Sally's book, pen and paper and a cup of tea or coffee!

Who is this suitable for - jewellers will find this class useful in understanding more about the gemstones they use, considering where they purchase their stones and why gemstone treatments may affect the stones they are working with.

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Fancy a class just for you and a group of friends?

If you have a group who would like to do a live zoom class, but you can't make any of these times...

Why not contact Sally to arrange one just for your group!  

Please note that these classes are not designed to teach gemmology as a subject, they introduce jewellers to areas of gemmology that may be useful to them in their work. If you wish to study gemmology or learn how to identify gemstones, please email Sally and she will be able to assist in suggesting possible courses for you.