Diamond one-day workshop

diamonds and pearls

One-day Diamond workshop

A one-day workshop introducing you to diamonds - from their formation (both natural & synthetic) through cutting & grading, to learning how to distinguish them from their imitations.

During the day we'll look at

  • their natural formation
  • the history of cutting & polishing
  • diamond grading
  • imitation stones
  • synthetic (laboratory grown) diamonds
  • identifying diamonds & separating them from their imitators

You will also have the opportunity to see & test a selection of diamonds & their imitators, demonstrating examples of some of the subjects we will discuss.

Are you

  • a gem lover
  • a jeweller who wants to know a bit more about the stones you are using in your work
  • an antique dealer who would like to understand more about the stones you are seeing

The day is suitable for everyone with an interest in gemstones & will be a mixture of theory & practical work.

Dates and locations

diamonds and pearls

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