Caring for your jewellery

If you have any queries about caring for a piece of jewellery Sally has made, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

All your jewellery should need is an occasional clean with a silver polishing cloth.  If the polish in the cloth does not have anti-tarnish properties, follow by wiping with a clean soft cloth to remove any polish residue – check the information on your polishing cloth.  Silver polishing cloths have the polish impregnated in the material making them easy to use.

Do not use silver dips on anything except chains as they may affect the finish of the silver and may affect any stones.

If your chain becomes dirty it can be dipped in a silver dip available from a jeweller's store IF YOU REMOVE THE PENDANT FIRST.  Follow the directions on the jar of silver dip.  After dipping, wash your piece well in warm soapy water, rinse thoroughly and dry gently with a soft cloth. 

Avoid contact with chemicals such as makeup, oils, perfumes, sprays, deodorants, creams or household cleaning products.  Should your piece of jewellery come into contact with chemicals, rinse it in water immediately. 

If your jewellery contains pearls it is important that it is the final thing you put on and the first thing you remove in order to avoid the pearls being damaged by perfumes, hairsprays, etc.  Pearls should only be cleaned by wiping with a clean, damp soft cloth or a damp cotton wool bud.    

Extra care also needs to be taken with jewellery containing opals and they should also be the final thing you put on and the first thing you remove to avoid damage by perfume, hairspray, etc.  Opal is a soft stone so only clean by wiping with a clean, damp soft cloth.  Avoid heat (whether during wear or storing) to avoid dehydration which can lead to crazing and cracking of the stone.

Always remove your pieces of jewellery before swimming. 

Silver does tarnish with time - the speed and extent will depend on the wearer and conditions such as exposure to humidity, moisture and pollution in the atmosphere but storing your jewellery in a sealed plastic bag will help slow tarnishing and will also protect any stones.  If that is not possible, ensure each piece of jewellery is stored separately so that there is less likelihood of pieces damaging each other.


General safety

 It is advisable to remove jewellery before playing sport and doing any other physical activity or when going to bed.  Rings should be removed before any type of manual work.  It is not recommended for children to wear jewellery under the age of three and children over that age should be supervised at all times when wearing jewellery.