Gemmology courses

Covid 19

We managed to hold a covid-safe diamond and pearl day in September which was great fun, even if we couldn't all sit together and be as social as we usually are! 

Gemmology 1 day workshops

These take place at various locations - further details given on each workshop's page.

Gemmological instruments and stones

Introduction to Gemmology

diamonds and pearls gemmology course

Diamond and Pearl

garnet and feldspar

Garnet and Feldspar

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Beryl and Corundum

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Opal and Tourmaline

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Quartz - its many varieties

Would you like me to come and teach a gemmology workshop or give a gem talk?

  • galleries, shops, museums - would you like me to come and teach a gemstone workshop for your customers or visitors?
  • are you a group of jewellers or jewellery students who would like me to come and teach a workshop about gems, specifically tailored for jewellers?
  • would you like me to come and talk to your group, club or class about gemstones?