Gemstones for Jewellery day

Gemmological instruments and stones

Gemstones for jewellery...

Designed to help jewellers save money & time by providing information that helps when buying gemstones, designing jewellery incorporating them or when working with them - all wrapped up in a busy & fun day! 

This one-day workshop introduces you to the sparkling world of gemstones, before we look at gemstone durability & what this means for jewellers.  You'll also find out how to use a 10x loupe & tweezers to look at gemstones & some of their potential vulnerabilities. 

You'll have a brief overview of how gemmologists identify gemstones, while trying some of the equipment for yourselves, as well as finding out why correct gemstone ID is so important.

We look at synthetic gemstones, imitation gemstones, gemstone treatments & composite gemstones & why jewellers really do need to be aware of these, before exploring a buyer beware little shop of horrors! 

Who wouldn't want to spend a day immersing themselves in the fascinating world of gemstones...

This workshop is suitable for any jeweller (regardless of experience, as it is all about the stones rather than the type of jewellery you make), as well as anyone who loves gemstones & jewellery & would like to find out more about them.  It is a mixture of theory & lots of hands-on gemstones so that you can see & experience some of this for yourself.

The day usually runs from 10am to around 4.30pm.  

Dates & locations... more 2024 dates are being confirmed - info coming soon!

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Saturday 16 March 2024


Gemmological tools

Saturday 23 March 2024


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Saturday 13 April 2024


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Sunday 9 June 2024



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