Unusual gemstones

I love discovering new and different gemstones!  This resource brings together, in one place, all the information I've previously written about these gems so that it can easily be used for reference.  It will be added to and updated as I find new information or gemstones (if you see one, please let me know!).  As these gemstones aren't common, there isn't always much information available.  It would be great to laboratory test all new stones, but this is very expensive to do - I have provided what information I have been able to find when researching the stones. 

While this information is no substitute for gemmological training, I hope it will give you an insight into what you may encounter when shopping for gemstones. 

Stones are listed ALPHABETICALLY in this section

click on the images below to see the all the different gemstones

If I can help someone make a more informed purchase, that would be brilliant.  Hope you find it useful!