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Most colourful Fossilized Coral cabochon!

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Ever feel old... this fossilized coral looks pretty amazing for its age… 

While I don’t know its exact age, the oldest fossil corals are over 500 million years old and it will have taken around 20 million years, together with very specific geological conditions, for the coral structure to be replaced by agate to create this beautiful stone. 

Having spent some time trying to identify the species of coral, I have conceded that this is not my area of expertise and will just refer to it as fossilized coral unless an expert identifies it for me. It has led me on a little trip round the internet learning more about fossilized coral though!

You will see monochromatic fossilized coral cabochons on the market and the creamy yellow to brown variety, but both the pattern and colours of this stone really stood out and whispered ‘buy me…’. Resistance was futile… 

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