I gemstones

None yet but this resource is continually being added to.

J gemstones

None yet but this resource is continually being added to.

K gemstones

Mis sold kyanite composite gemstone


pieces in resin, being sold as lab created apatite.

L gemstones

Glass coated labradorite


that has either been impregnated and coated with coloured glass or just coated with the coloured glass. 

Lapis lazuli/quartz doublet

Lapis lazuli/Quartz doublet

a layer of clear quartz (rock crystal) has been glued onto a layer of lapis lazuli.

Fake lapis lazuli/rutilated quartz doublet

Lapis lazuli/rutilated quartz doublet

colourless piece of glass glued to a blue piece of glass with bits of gold coloured foil in between.

synthetic lapis lazuli

"Synthetic" Lapis Lazuli

A manmade material created by sintering (heating and compressing) calcite powder and pigmentation.

Lunasoft gemstones


Lucite with a soft, matt finish and a foiled back to reflect the light.

M gemstones

imitation malachite


a resin imitation.

Malachite composite


this is chips of natural malachite in a metallic resin.



Manmade gemstone commonly used to imitate diamond.

What is a mood stone

Mood Stone

A manmade stone - a thin layer of thermotropic liquid crystals (which move away from or towards a heat source) underneath a protective transparent capping.

Glass moonstone imitation


sold as Moonstone but this is glass.

Moonstone/quartz doublet

Moonstone/Quartz doublet

has a layer of quartz glued to the top of a layer of moonstone.

Dyed rainbow moonstone

Rainbow Moonstone

You can see the dye concentrated as darker lines in the surface reaching fractures. 

Mother of pearl/quartz doublet

Mother of Pearl/Quartz doublet

has a layer of quartz glued to the top of a layer of mother of pearl.

Mother of pearl/blue topaz doublet

Mother of pearl/Blue Topaz doublet

has a layer of blue topaz glued to the top of a layer of mother of pearl.

N gemstones

Nano or nanosital glass

Nano or Nanosital Glass

A manmade glass-ceramic material.

O gemstones

Aurora opal doublet

Aurora opal/Quartz doublet

Aurora opal is an imitation opal and this slice has a quartz cap glued on top.

Opal composite

Opal composite

A creative opal composite that has a layer of boulder opal on top, then red pigment and textured foil, backed by ironstone.

Opal composite

Opal composite

A cabochon of resin with chips of natural opal embedded within it.

Opal/labradorite doublet

Opal/Labradorite doublet

Another creative gemstone that has a layer of opal on top of a labradorite backing. 

Opal doublet

No, it isn't really! It was sold as a quartz/onyx doublet but it has some sort of scary coloured foil between the top and bottom, imitating opal...

Gilson opal cube and cabochon

Gilson opal

One of many different imitation opal materials found on the market, this one is described as having a ‘lizard skin’ or ‘chicken wire’ appearance. Available in a rainbow of colours!

Slocum stones - imitation opals

Opal imitations

These imitation opals are glass cabochons (also known as Slocum Stones).

Plastic imitation opal

Opal imitation

Plastic with foil in the middle (you can see a bubble trapped inside).

Monarch opal

Monarch opal

A manmade imitation opal.

Mosaic opal

Mosaic opal

This stone has fragments of natural opal in between a backing layer and a clear top layer.

Opalite glass imitating opal gemstone


an opalized glass used to imitate opal or moonstone.

Dyed opal

Opal - dyed

I have seen some of these being sold as "Paraiba opal" which is misleading.

Treated opal

Opal - treated

Opals may be "sugared" or "smoked" to darken the body colour.

Imitation opals

Other imitation opals...

Other imitation opal names are Bello, Galaxy, Kyocera, Kyoto and Sterling.

P gemstones

Paste - red glass gemstone


Term used to describe manmade glass gemstones.

Paua shell dyed

Paua (Abalone) shell

These are not natural colours but have been dyed and topped with a resin.