Diamond and Pearl day

diamonds and pearls

Diamonds and pearls...

A one-day workshop taking you through one of the classic gemstone combinations – diamonds and pearls.

During the main part of the day we will look at natural diamond formation, the history of cutting and polishing, grading and imitation stones as well as looking at the diamond industry and synthetic diamonds. The rest of the day will look at the interesting world of pearls, including how these are formed and farmed.  You will also have the opportunity to see a selection of diamonds and pearls which demonstrate examples of some of the subjects we will discuss.

Are you

  • a gem lover
  • a jeweller who wants to know a bit more about the stones you are using in your work
  • an antique dealer who would like to understand more about the stones you are seeing

The day will be suitable for those who are approaching the subject for the first time and will be a mixture of theory and practical work.

Dates and locations

diamonds and pearls

Saturday 25 June 2022

Civic Hall



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