Jewellery making classes Friday afternoon - 1.30 to 4.30pm JASSO

Term dates Spring 2021

Due to Covid 19 these classes are paused.

If you would like to register for details of when they will be resuming, please email me using the button below.

Silver jewellery making.

For beginners joining us, I have 5 set projects we work through across 10 weeks, each building on and reinforcing skills previously learnt.  These provide a broad introduction to a number of techniques which students can then continue to build on as they develop their skills.

We cover

  • Introduction to the workshop including Health & Safety
  • Introduction to jewellery and design
  • Learning how to make a simple band ring
  • Designing and making a pierced pendant
  • Designing and making stud and drop earrings featuring textures and forming silver
  • Designing and making a pair of decorated cufflinks
  • Learning how to make a setting for a cabochons stone then turning this into a ring

A materials pack and handouts are included and tool kits are provided for use in the workshop to allow students to complete these projects.

Improvers in this class bring their own tool kits and work on their own designs and projects with new techniques or design challenges being set during each term.

Jewellery needle files

If you would like further information or to book a place please email me