Beryl and Corundum day

beryl and corundum

Beryl and corundum...

A one-day course taking you through two of the classic gemstone species – beryl and corundum.  These include emerald, aquamarine, ruby and sapphire.

We will look at the various different varieties of both beryl and corundum, how the gems formed, their characteristics and how testing can help identify them, their optical phenomena, treatments and both synthetic and imitation stones.

You will be taught how to use a 10x loupe to look at both internal and external features of gemstones and have the opportunity to look at a variety of beryl and corundum gems which demonstrate examples of some of the subjects we will discuss.

How to use some of the testing equipment used by gemmologists will be demonstrated and then you will have the opportunity to try them for yourself to see in practise some of the theory discussed during the day.

Are you

  • a gem lover
  • a jeweller who wants to know a bit more about the stones you are using in your work
  • an antique dealer who would like to understand more about the stones you are seeing

why not spend a day with me learning a little about the tests gemmologists use to help identify gemstones, the science behind these tests and their results and have the opportunity to handle the stones and see this for yourself.

The day will be suitable for those who have completed my Introduction to Gemmology day or those who are approaching the subject for the first time and will be a mixture of theory and practical work.

Dates and locations

beryl and corundum

Date tbc

Oakwood Centre, Woodley

Cost tbc

beryl and corundum

Date tbc

Civic Hall,


Cost tbc

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